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X-men Unconventional Ships

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This community is dedicated to the shipping of non canon or unconventional pairings in all X-men universes. That means no Jean/Scott and no comicverse Rogue/Gambit. If it's canon in a particular universe, we don't want to see it here. For examples of uc pairings, take a look at the community's interests.

Other than that, any ship you can think of, in any incarnation of the X-men, is welcomed. Discussion, fanfic, subtext-filled comic scans, and screen caps are all welcomed. Slash and het are both allowed.

Fanfic Challenges: One of the goals of this community is to promote the writing of non-canon X-men fic. To that end, a challenge would be given out each week. The fic has to capture the general idea of the challenge, but other than that, it can be about any couple, so long as it's not a canon couple.

Fanfic posting:
  • Include headers and a rating.
  • Use a LJ-cut.
  • Pre-shipping and subtexty fanfics are fine.

Image posting: Put the comic scans, fanart, icons (if more than three), and any other sort of images behind a LJ-cut.

Other Guidelines
  • No flaming.
  • Feel free to post requests for beta readers.
  • Feedback is encouraged.
  • Don't put original characters with Pyro/Wolverine/Original Character and call it non-canon. Because it's non-canon in ways that not even we would tolerate.

Now join, post, and let us know which pairings work (or don't work) for you.

If anyone has questions about the community, contact prozacpark.

Family Sites:

List of Unconventional Pairing Communities
cyclops_siryn - Cyclops/Siryn
scottandkitty - Cyclops/Shadowcat
scottandrogue - Cyclops/Rogue
roguesummers - Cyclops/Rogue and/or Havok/Rogue
angel_and_rogue - Angel/Rogue
rogue_lance - Avalanche/Rogue
demented_allure - Magneto/Rogue
cruellyhandsome - Magneto/Mystique
like_this_one - Magneto/Jean Grey
charles_raven - Professor X/Mystique
Other Affiliates
ravenfirstclass (Mystique)
1stclassfinders (First Class Film)
f_c_f_mods (First Class Film)

Listed At mod_pairing!
alex summers, angel/jean grey, angel/rogue, archangel/cyclops, archangel/mystique, archangel/rogue, avalanche/cyclops, avalanche/rogue, beast, beast/emma frost, beast/havok, beast/jean grey, beast/shadowcat, blob, blob/jean grey, bobby/rogue/john, boom boom, chamber/jubilee, charles/emma, charles/jean, charles/raven, comics, cyclops/scarlet witch, cyclops/shadowcat, cyclops/siryn, cyclops/storm, excalibur, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, femslash, fred dukes, gambit, gambit/jean grey, gambit/jubilee, gambit/mystique, gambit/wolverine, generation x, goblin queen, hank mccoy, havok/beast, het, icons, jean grey/beast, jean/kitty, jean/lance, john/bobby/rogue, jubilee/gambit, kitty pryde, kitty/kurt, kitty/rogue, kurt/kitty, kurt/rogue, kurt/wanda, lance alvers, lance/pietro, lance/rogue, logan/kitty, logan/ororo, magneto/pyro, megan summers, ms marvel, mystique/beast, mystique/gambit, mystique/iceman, mystique/rogue, mystique/wolverine, new mutants, new x-men, non canon, nyx, ot3, otp, pete wisdom, pete/rachel, phoenix, prof. x/jean, pyro/iceman, quicksilver, quicksilver/rogue, quicksilver/shadowcat, rachel summers, rachel/kitty, rachel/pete, rachel/wolverine, rogue/cyclops, rogue/kitty, rogue/lance, ruby summers, sabretooth, sabretooth/emma frost, sabretooth/rogue, scott/emma, scott/kitty, scott/ororo, scott/rogue, scott/theresa, shadowcat, shadowcat/beast, slash, storm/cyclops, uc, uc x-men, uc x-men pairings, uncanny x-men, unconventional pairings, victor creed, william skryker, wolverine, wolverine and the x-men, wolverine and the xmen, wolverine/gambit, wolverine/goblin queen, wolverine/kitty, wolverine/madelyne, wolverine/psylocke, wolverine/rachel, wolverine/rogue, wolverine/sabretooth, wolverine/storm, writing, x-23, x-fiction, x-men, x-men femslash, x-men het, x-men pairings, x-men slash, x-men the last stand, x-men united, x-men: evolution, x-men: first class, x-men: last stand, x-men: the movie, x2, x23, x23/kiden, x3